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Stop telling people how they should do their makeup!!

Giving helpful suggestions,without coming off like a total cunt who thinks makeup can only be done one way. Is one thing.

But just like how you like how you do your makeup, they like how they do theirs. Unless someone asks you for an opponion, don't just go onto someones image and start criticizing their makeup. You don't know how long it took them to get to the level they're at; and all you're doing is making them look at their makeup and 9/10 they're gonna take it to heart, wash it all off and feel even more ugly than they may have before you judged the face that made them feel beautiful.

Everyone is at different levels, everyone had to start at level one. So instead of making people feel like an even bigger sac of shit. Help them, but not in a way that distroys their confidence, or desire to do their makeup.

Us women, and even the men who do their makeup. Need to start supporting and helping one another. Not bringing eachother down and making one another feel worse than they probably already did.

Before you make a comment, take a moment and think about how that comment would make you feel if given to you, your family or your friends. If you would be hurt or offended...Chances are you shouldn't say it.


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Terri Lynn Cleveland
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography

Lets start off with something you may want to know – My real name, Which is Terri-lynn . My birthday is 02/25/1996 . As I may not be the same age as I was writing this as when you are reading it is much easier to simply post it that way . I’m a little bit of a shy person; but once I warm up to you I’m very open and outgoing. In my spare time I drawl Kawaii/anime. I put together sound tracks using programs such as FL studio and Soundation , although I’m not very good at it yet an only have a few of my songs on YouTube or soundcloud – well all of the things I’ve done are on sound cloud . I’m a JDM person; I love Subaru’s and well anything pretty much that has been made in Japan. My dream car is a 90's style RX-7. I’m an animal lover ; at one point I had 16 cats,2 dogs,6 chickens and 2 hamsters. Although un girl like of me , I’m not to into horses . Being thrown off them a dozen times will have that effect on a person. I like to sit down and have movie marathons in my spare time, I watch a lot of horror but I will watch anything . As for T.v shows – I actually do not own a T.v or bother with cable, I download everything based on word of mouth , or what’s popular on the Funimation site . I’m mostly into Harem style Anime such as Sekire , But I do enjoy other Genres . I’ve watched Black Butler at least 50 or 60 times now . I collect Plushies from different animes, Mainly Pokémon ; and my creepier collectable is Skulls . On my adventures to take picture if I happen to find a intact skull (Not crushed or missing teeth) and is fully decomposed I tend to take it home to put on my shelf. I’m a little sadistic at times . you’ll often find me RP-ing with someone on IMVU about well Sadistic things. Although I would never do the things I Role Play in real life – or would I ?! I’m a lover of bright colors, Yellow being my favorite. I love Neon’s and Black lights as I party quite a bit. I’m an appreciator of the finer arts I enjoy going to the Gallery’s, Museum’s and hey im going to throw it in here because this place is art to children – The discovery center. That place is just magical . Best thing to do is go to the bubble room. I’m one of those people that actually believe in magic . Like I swear Ill be in the woods one day taking a picture and Bam there’s a unicorn! As for life goals , I want to one day run my own luxurious spa/resort ; Hot tubs, saunas , manicures all that jazz . Also alittle fun fact , I’m also slightly into Graphic design ; I develop products on imvu using Gimp and Photoshop to Paint hair texture,clothing designs , shoes and stickers for your homepage. But This is the longest about me I’ve ever done so I’m going to leave it here.

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Fantastic work
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Wow thanks for the watch 😂. I hope I can keep creating art that you can enjoy.
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TeddiTerri Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
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you are amazing
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Love your work.  Check out my group and see if you would like to join.  I think a lot of your pictures would be a good fit.  :icongreatposes:
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You are super cute
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